MLB trade rumors: Ex-GM thinks Mets should hold fire sale


It might be time for the Mets to reconsider the short and long-term future.

With a team that entered play on June 5 with a 27-30 record, the outlook doesn’t look good for the rest of the season. Since jumping out of the gate with an outrageous 11-1 record, the Mets followed it up with an awful 16-29 stretch. There’s a bad baseball team playing in Queens right now.

That’s led to early trade speculation, but nothing on the full-scale rebuild that dealing, say, Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard would generate.

Mets to deal Cabrera?

Is that likely to change in 2019 or 2020? If the front office doesn’t believe so, dangling stars for a potentially franchise-changing deal is smart business.

I don’t [think so], man, cause I get up from the bed sometimes in the morning, I’m just like, I shuffle across the ground cause I can’t bend my ankles, Johnson said. That was my problem when I played, just ankle’s always stuck or swelled up, I can’t flex them. If you can’t flex your ankles then you’re just running flat-footed all the time.

Johnson said he’s otherwise healthy and feels no effects from concussions, and he said he wouldn’t stop his sons from playing football. But as for him, he’s done.

Ever since Detroit Lions star Alex Karras and Green Bay Packers star Paul Hornung were suspended for placing bets on NFL games in 1963, the NFL has not dealt with a single public gambling controversy.

This is not a coincidence, either.

It’s kind of a slow period for football right now and we’re heading into the summer, and there’s not much to talk about unless somebody gets arrested or injured in the offseason or something happens on the Fourth of July. That’s usually the stories we get now until training camp. I don’t have anything to report at this point, but I’m sure there will be some unnamed sources close to me that have some sort of scoop along the way.

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